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Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Dr. Trish is most interested in fixing the problem as soon as possible

Dr. Trish was incredible.

I followed her treatment plan, roughly 10 appointments. I have been suffering with:

1. Back tightness and pain
2. Brain fog and scattered mind
3. Loss of feeling and stiffness in toes

Her approach was highly effective. She did various tests and could detect precisely how I felt and what was going on without me even voicing anything. Just by reading my pulse at various points in my body, she could tell I had much stress from past events.

Dr. Trish proceeded with acupuncture and cupping for future sessions. Her knowledge of what needles need to go where based on what the body is telling her and what each patient is going through, is amazing.

Speaking with her each session was delightful as well. I felt comfortable and at peace. Conversations were enjoyable, and she helped me understand a lot about myself. At each meeting, she spoke about why we were doing what we were doing and why things began working.

In just a few sessions, I began to have feeling in my toes again and could move each of them independently from the other.

As she put the needles in various points in my body and head, I felt much more level-headed. A calm came over me. I had greater clarity and wasn’t thinking about multiple things as much. My overthinking substantially decreased, and I became more grounded and present in conversations.

As far as my back, it loosened up, and my mobility is much greater while the pain has subsided. I can’t remember the last time I felt this great mentally and physically.

Currently, I work for an anti-aging company, and Dr. Trish’s methods work — even for someone like me, who I would consider fit and healthy.

If you need mental, emotional, or physical healing, Dr. Trish can help. I am astounded at what she could do with so few sessions.

When I went to the chiropractor all last year, the adjustments provided brought temporary relief. Seeing Dr. Trish, however, has led to stable and balanced results. The consistency in the changes in how I feel has remained thus far!

While many healthcare providers may seek to prolong programs to receive more money, Dr. Trish is most interested in fixing the problem as soon as possible.

With an empathetic approach based on the highest expertise (seriously, ask her degrees ), Dr. Trish can help you. 5-star rating without question!

I followed her treatment plan, and every visit was worth every penny.

Thank you, Dr. Trish!!

-Lance V.

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