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Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Acupuncture in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

One stop shopping at Palm Beach Gardens for a pain free rejuvenating healthy life

Patricia Geensburg Dr. "T" DACM, Dipl,OM, AP

Pain-free means different things to different people. It could be elbow, lower back, shoulder, or knee pain from a round on the golf course or the tennis court. Joint pain from a good session lifting at the gym, hitting the pavement, cycling, or pounding the treadmill.  Every athlete, young or mature wants to keep doing what they love, pain free.  Additionally, most every athlete endures the pain to keep doing what they love until the day they simply cannot stand the pain or discomfort any longer. Why not have both? The long life of an athlete, without the pain!

The last thing I’ll say about pain…don’t continue to suffer through it, let’s manage it!

Rejuvenation also means different things to different people.  The cosmetic industry has invested billions in products around the globe marketed to maintain our youthful existence (in the beautiful County of Palm Beach alone an average of $17,000-54,000/year are spent on just beauty products) Whether it be the ability to do the things we did when we were younger, to look younger, to feel younger, or all three. As we get older, we say age is just a number, which is true. However, everyone ages at a different rate and for different reasons. Why do relatively young people “look” older? Life, right?!?! Stress from work, family, lack of sleep, depression, worry, medical issues, weight gain, nutrition issues, and on and on. As we age, all are definite contributors. The good news is that the modalities I choose to address these issues provide a natural, healthy, and long-lasting alternative versus pharmaceuticals, synthetics, creams, or other products that may only provide temporary relief at best, which in many cases results in unwanted side effects. 

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My aim is to promote optimal wellness and preventive medicine by providing the community of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, high quality holistic, patient- centered care through Acupuncture, Oriental and Natural Medicine, Nutritional Consulting/Education and Alternative Therapies. I will empower, enable and lead individuals to participate in the life-style changes that are necessary to create a lasting, balanced, healthier life. My ultimate goal is to provide attentive listening, education and the necessary support, tools and guidance to assist my patients in unlocking their unique power to heal their bodies and enjoy a vibrant life again. 


My vision extends beyond conventional medicine and treatment. Through my leadership and innovation, I will be a catalyst for health transformation in the County of Palm Beach. Through widespread awareness I will educate the population at Palm Beach Gardens  about alternative therapies that have been proven to improve health and enhance wellness in the most effective ways. My healthcare practice will be multidisciplinary and enhance competence, mutual respect, and collaboration across all healthcare disciplines. I will engage with the global community of health care professionals that will contribute to ultimately arrive at clinical excellence through my holistic approach to healthcare and wellness, which will help patients achieve optimal health and healing. 

Advanced Certified Facial Acupuncturist Physician

Face, neck, hands
TMJ, Bell’s Palsy, Ptosis, Post-stroke, MS Myasthenia Gravis
for Collagen induction therapy
Living Waters Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine
11211 Prosperity Farms Rd
Building C- Suite 114
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33410
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