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patricia geensburg dr. t palm beach gardens acupuncturistPatricia Geensburg Dr. “T” DACM, Dipl,OM, AP

Patricia Geensburg, Dr. “T” is a Florida licensed, Nationally Board-Certified Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine currently practicing in the beautiful city of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Dr. “T” had the privilege to attend and was the top graduate from the most esteemed school in the Country, Pacific College of Health and Science, (San Diego, California) formerly known as Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM). Her unparalleled educational training and commitment provides her a unique competitive edge over other acupuncturists.  Her practical and applicable understanding of holistic healing which includes Traditional Western and Eastern modalities combined with cutting-edge bio/integrative medicine, is second to none.

Dr. “T” along with being a D.A.C.M. (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) is a clinical psychotherapist, a naturopath practitioner and is the writer of the upcoming book “Heal by Sunday”. Inspired by her own personal medical experience with conventional medicine, she chose the “road less traveled” and took her chances with complementary alternative medicine after being told she was carrying the big “C” and being diagnosed with colon cancer when she was 29 years old. After an arduous year of suffering and finding herself in the hands of many different gastroenterologists and no answers and/or relieve from her symptoms, she became a student of naturopathy and a researcher in the field of medicine to be able to understand the pathophysiology mechanisms and etiology of colon cancer. The questions were: was she misdiagnosed? How young is “too young” to be diagnosed with this type of cancer? Did she really need the favored Western “trifecta” type of intervention, meaning: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy? All these questions remain unanswered.  Dr. “T” resorted to the expertise of a homeopathist, a naturopath and an acupuncturist. She quickly regained her vibrant health and got “her life back”, which became a defining moment in her life to make alternative medicine her passion. In many ways, it reminded her that her creator made her body perfectly capable of healing itself through hundreds of years of proven results delivered by trained professionals.

Dr. “T” is also specialized in the “Balance method” (BM), a sequence of acupuncture systems based on the concept of balancing meridians to heal the body. The BM is synonymous to instant clinical efficacy as it’s based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridian theory. Dr. “T” had the privilege to train with Dr. Eileen Han, Phd., L.AC, who was an exclusive, lifelong disciple of her Sifu (Master) Dr. Richard Tan, a leading authority in the field of acupuncture.  His skills represented the culmination of years of study as he healed thousands of patients during his 20+ years of practice.

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